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  • Parade Magazine, January 10, 2010
    "Treat your partner to a romantic stroll down memory lane by creating a photo slideshow. Websites like let you do the job for free."
  • New York Times, December 16, 2009
    "Smilebox is far from the only option if you want to add photos or videos to your invitation, but nobody integrates them as spectacularly."
  • Huffington Post, December 19, 2008
    "The EPA estimates that 2.6 billion holiday cards are sold each year in the U.S., enough to fill a football field 10 stories high! The best solution is to send tree-free wishes using one of the many great e-card services such as"
  • Washington Post, December 7, 2008
    "After downloading the program, you'll have access to hundreds of traditional to cutesy cards, including nearly 70 holiday cards. For about $3 you can send a card to as many people as you want that has no advertising, it fills up the entire computer screen and can include a long holiday letter, as well as photos of you and the fam. I found the service super easy to use."
  • Mac|Life, October 9, 2008
    "Smilebox will get you back in the scrapbooking groove—without the contact high from too much glue. Best of all, sharing your vacation shots with family and friends is just a few clicks away."
  • School Library Journal, July 1, 2008
    "With all the frills of a sophisticated video editing program but the ease of a word processing package, Smilebox can be used by students, teachers, and librarians without detailed instructions or sophisticated equipment. Smilebox deserves a strong A."
  • Macworld, June 25, 2008
    "As Apple moves to retire iCards from its future Mobile Me service, Smilebox lets users mix photos, videos and music with hundreds of interactive designs including scrapbooks, greetings, slideshows, photobooks and postcards."
  • PCWorld, June 24, 2008
    "Smilebox integrates with iPhoto, iTunes and Photo Booth, according to the developer, so you can easily import and drag and drop media. It manages media compression to reduce upload/download times."
  • New York Times, April 17, 2008
    "There are also a number of crossover tools that straddle the line between printed works and multimedia presentations., for instance, specializes in scrapbooks and photo albums that can be sent by e-mail or printed on paper."
  • Seattle Times, March 31, 2008
    Interview with Andrew Wright
  • Scholastic Parent & Child, December, 2007
    "Create animated e-cards from your photos, as well as photo albums, scrapbooks, and postcards, set to the music of your choice. We like the neat little trick after you've created a digital photo album - roll your mouse over a shot and it enlarges."
  • TechCrunch, December 10, 2007
    "Smilebox, a site where you can create a variety of media presentations (such slideshows, ecards, scrapbooks, photobooks, and postcards) by loading your own amateur photos and videos into designer templates, has raised $7M in Series B financing. The round was led by Bessemer Venture Partners and joined by Frazier Technology Ventures."
  • Seattle Times, December 11, 2007
    "Smilebox is the modern-day Hallmark of sorts. It allows you to upload your digital photos, and then make slideshows, electronic cards, scrapbooks and other stuff."
  • Seattle P-I, December 10, 2007
    "Smilebox tomorrow plans to announce a new $7 million venture round, led by Bessemer Venture Partners and including participation from Frazier Technology Ventures."
  • Yahoo Tech, November 28, 2007
    "Smilebox makes easy work of putting together a unique, creative photo and video slideshow, set to music."
  • PC Magazine, November 12, 2007
    "With more than 1.3 million unique visitors worldwide and at just over one-year-old, combines software with a service for creative messaging, which lets you do scrapbooking, share photos and video, make photobooks and postcards, and send ecards."
  • Globe and Mail, September 18, 2007
    "Andrew Wright took what he learned at RealNetworks and started a combination greeting card and photo-sharing service called Smilebox."
  • Parents Magazine, May 2007
    "If you want more inspiration, check out This site is full of photo books, short slide shows, cards, and keepsakes you can personalize and e-mail to friends."
  • Parenting K-6 Children, May 20, 2007
    "We've been having a great time creating photobooks and greeting cards from our digital photos with Smilebox. The designs are so cute and they keep adding new ones all the time."
  • Savannah Now, May 10, 2007
    "iMovie is great if you have the time, but with this little program, it took me about four minutes to build a present for my Mom."
  • Seattle Times, May 9, 2007
    "Smilebox is continuing to forge online partnerships to distribute its greeting card-meets-scrapbook service for photos and videos."
  • Seattle P-I, May 9, 2007
    "Smilebox, the Redmond developer of interactive online greeting cards, said today that it has inked distribution partnerships with and Corel. The deals follow a partnership that Smilebox launched with Hallmark last December."
  •, March 23, 2007
    "This is a really cool service that lets you create online fun greeting-card-like experiences. Lots of fun, with lots of personality, and you'll see why if you watch this tour."
  • Scobleizer, March 23, 2007
    "I love a company that puts its developers right in the middle of its office. That tells me it's a different kind of company right off the bat."
  • Red Tricycle, March 21, 2007
    "You have ton of photos and video of Little One to share with your far-flung family, but you never seem to get around to pulling it all together. Enter Smilebox, an online service that packages photos, videos and music into cool templates that allow you to deliver personalized online greetings in a snap."
  • Boston Globe, February 19, 2007
    " is a nice website and photo-sharing service for creating fancy digital photo albums."
  • Red Herring, February 12, 2007
    "Just in time for romantic couples, photo-sharing site provides video valentines."
  • PC Magazine, February 12, 2007
    "Smilebox users can continue to upload their favorite photos to create digital scrapbooks, slideshows, and other template designs, with the additional option of uploading personal videos."
  • Seattle P-I, February 12, 2007
    "There's plenty of activity in the online video arena. And now Smilebox - best known for its interactive greeting cards - is jumping into the mix."
  • Cookie Magazine, February 12, 2007
    "Smilebox launches a new video capability to go along with their much-lauded application that allows parents to share pictures of their kids, and to craft inventive e-cards - without the annoying hassle of requiring your friends to register before viewing the photos."
  • Seattle Times, January 22, 2007
    "Smilebox ... is focused on personal greetings and experiences focused on digital photography. It's a great company. It turns your photos into the coolest consumer experiences."
  • Int'l Herald Tribune, January 3, 2007
    New York Times, January 1, 2007
    The kicker is that, in a market cluttered with free services that have struggled to produce profits, Smilebox is actually attracting paying customers."
  • Seattle P-I, December 13, 2006
    "Today, the two companies will begin touting a service called Hallmark Smilebox that draws on the technical innovation of 22-month-old Smilebox and the brand recognition of 96-year-old Hallmark."
  • Seattle Times, December 13, 2006
    "Redmond-based Smilebox is partnering with Hallmark Cards to power a new photo-based service on the Web site, the companies are announcing today."
  • Money Matters Today on Comcast Network, November 15, 2006
    "When they say it was easy to use, it really was."
  • PC Magazine, November 10, 2006
    "Unlike traditional scrapbooking, which can be a long, tedious (and expensive) process, Smilebox lets you produce results in minutes."
  • Stacy Julian, Founding Editor of Simple Scrapbooks magazine, November 8, 2006
    "Check out Smilebox"
  • Savvy Mom, October 16, 2006
    "The best of digital scrapbooking and on-line greeting cards all rolled into one, with your choice of photos, text, background music and background designs."
  • PC Magazine, October 15, 2006
    "Smilebox, a very fun way of creating personalized electronic greeting cards based on your own photos."
  • Family Fun Magazine, October, 2006
    "Am I Super Scrapbooking Mom? No, my secret is Smilebox."
  • Fast Company, October, 2006
    "Smilebox [is] ardently focused on friends and family."
  • Cosmogirl, July 14, 2006
    "It's a huge upgrade from cheesy electronic cards. And I find it more fun than adding comments to Facebook photo albums."
  • Walt Mossberg, Wall Street Journal, April 26, 2006
    "We found Smilebox simply enjoyable. It jazzed up our photos with fun designs, gave us the ability to see the final product during any stage of our creating process, and didn't take long to use."
  • DEMO 06 Conference, February 8, 2006
    Smilebox presents at the DEMO 06 Conference.
  • FlashForward Seattle, March, 2006
    Interview with Andrew Wright and Yannis Dosios.
  • Seattle Times, February 7, 2006
    "Smilebox focuses on new creations using digital photos."
  • Seattle P-I, February 7, 2006
    "Smilebox hopes to offer new kind of personalized greeting."
  • Seattle P-I, September 10, 2005
    "Former RealNetworks Vice President Andrew Wright is trying to keep a low profile around his new startup technology company."
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